Are you a trading one or factory?

Factory. We have cutting machines, bending machines, welding robots, auto padding machines, coating workshop, sewing workshop, assembly lines and more for production line, also full range of testing machines, like Static Stability, Two-drum Fatigue Tester(200000 cycles), Parts Strength Tester, Impact Tester, Wheelchair Load Tester, Salt Spray Tank and more to guarantee the quality of our own products and OEM &ODM services.

How long have your company been in rehabilitation and health care industry?

We formerly was Eagle Bicycle Group which did manufacturing and exported Bicycle worldwide. We started wheelchairs manufacturing since 2002 and  has good experience and expertise in research,  development  and manufacturing  of  wheelchairs, walkers, commode chairs and bath chairs for rehabilitation and health care.

Does your company accept customization?

We are interested in being your partners and our Technical Team is dedicated to creating product customization beyond what are listed on our catalogue. You can:

  • Define the look & style of your wheelchairs similar to our products with ZX MediTec. You can custom wheels, hand-rims, frame materials and colors, upholstery etc.
  • Entirely new or highly involved designs. Only two weeks from drawing to prototype sample.
Does your company supply OEM service?

We are proud of being your partners. We have more than ten years of experiences of producing wheelchairs and other home care products, and abundant of supplier’s resources in China.

What is your payment terms?

50% deposit after contract, then start production. Pay the balance before the shipment.

What is your warranty for your wheelchairs?
  • 4 years warranty for the snap or broken of frame, forks and rims.
  •    Half year for the broken of bearings, axle bumpers and axle-bowls.
  •    Three months for Front casters, footplates.
  •    And no warranty for tires, tubes, upholstery, pads, handle grips.